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    ~Pack waypoints by Satio!~ ~1-250lvl!~



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    ~Pack waypoints by Satio!~ ~1-250lvl!~

    Mensagem  snakezz em Ter Jul 12, 2011 5:03 am

    Ed, ek, ms, rp guide. How to get or own 200+ lvl[tutorial with scripts]

    Hello All. Do you rly want to make a High LvL character fast? If yes it's the best thread to make it real ever you could found!
    Few months ago i just started my RP, EK and ED Project.
    All of them was around 100LVL~. On my scripts pack till now i already made:
    * 245 RP
    * 220 ED
    * 201 EK


    Most of the scripts are with Depositers/Refilers.
    For all vocation from lvl 50~ till 250~ or more.
    Over 100+ scripts for power gaming, getting money(on Hlvl chars profit even 40k/h!), quests or task makers!

    The best way to see it it's testing on your own computer.

    Only one thing you need to fallow the way like I botted.

    Scripts are shared for lvls:

    * 30-100




    *250-300 only for Royal Pallys!

    List of best scripts:


    - Serpent Spawns 200+ Paly with Refil.
    - Serpent Spawns 160+ Paly north side.


    -Minos Nose Ring maker 30lvl+
    -Darashia North East Rotworms 20lvl+
    -Grims Paly 200+ [No supplies = Logout]
    -Wyrms [EK 150+ = Logout]
    -Darashia DL's [ED/MS 160+, Depositer]


    -Cemetery -1 [Paly 150+ Refiler]
    -Necro/Hero [Mage 60+]
    -Nightmares [EK 170+]
    -Sunken Quaras [MS 180+]
    -Yala Demons [Mage Frigo 210+]
    -Yala Demons [Paly 190+]
    -Yala Pirates [Paly 60+]
    -Hellspawns [MAGE 170+ Refiler]
    -Yala Grims [Paly 200+ Refiler]
    -DL's Middle spawn [Mage 150+, Logout]
    -Stampor Cave [Mage 120+, Logout]
    -Lizard Chosens [RP 180+ Refiler]


    -Serpent Spawns [MAGE 200+ SD's Refiler]
    -Serpents East [Paly 180+ Logout]

    Liberty Bay:

    -Earth Elementals [Mage 70+ refiler]
    -Laguna Island [EK 50+ Refiler]
    -Pirates Nargor First Floor [EK 70+ Depositer]
    -Wyrms +2 [EK 150+ Refiler]

    Port Hope:

    -Apes [EK/RP 60+ Depositer]
    -Chor Lizardas [EK 100+]
    -Dworcs [EK 40+ Refiler]
    -Swamp Trolls [EK 20+ Refiler]
    -Tarantulas Tasks Maler [EK/RP-30+]
    -Tortosie North from DP [EK 40+ Refiler]
    -Water Elementals [Mage 60+ Refiler]


    -Barbarian Camp Big [EK 80+]
    -Barbarian Camp Small [EK 40+]
    -Crystal Spiders [MAGE 100+ Refiler]
    -Frost Dragons [MAGE 180+ East Side]
    -Frost Dragons [Paly 200+ Refiler]
    -Helheim all Floors [Paly 100+ Refiler]
    -Tyrsun Frost Giants [EK 100+ Refiler]



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    Re: ~Pack waypoints by Satio!~ ~1-250lvl!~

    Mensagem  Megaman9 em Ter Nov 08, 2011 1:30 pm

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